Artigiano Fabbri pasta factory

Artisan pasta since 1893

 We have made our pasta exactly the same way since 1893, without any changes, passing the company down directly from father to son in Piazza Emilio Landi in Strada in Chianti.

Over 130 years of experience

The excellence of our raw ingredients combined with our extensive 130 years of experience ensures Fabbri pasta has the utmost quality and a unique flavour.

In the Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri, we respect the old criteria of pasta processing in every phase: we work the best organic semolina and semolina coming from carefully selected grains, ground by mills we trust. In every production process, we use “very low” temperatures that never exceed 38 degrees.

At the end of the production cycle, the pasta is dried slowly (from 3 to 6 days depending on the format) in order to keep the organoleptic properties of the product unaltered. The use of bronze dies and original machinery from the 1950s is fundamental.

100% Italian organic grains

Our pasta

Our pasta shapes are divided into four lines:

Each format has its own history and recipe , since the preparation of a pasta dish requires specific considerations including the shape, surface, consistency, absorption of the sauce.

Our pasta

The Fabbri method

For 5 generations, the Fabbri Method
it's the attention to the entire supply chain.

From choosing the best wheat, to delicate pasta making and drying at natural temperatures. All with the original machinery and bronze dies from the 1950s.

Four lines of pasta

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100% Italian grains ground at very low temperatures, giving life to our lines of organic artisanal pasta.

Our company selects 100% Italian organic grains based on their nutritional properties, the quality of the gluten, and the aromas and flavors.

Our artisanal pasta

Four lines of organic pasta

You will find four lines of organic artisan pasta of which: three are 100% Italian wheat and one is 100% Italian emmer.