Organic whole semolina pasta 100% Timilia wheat

Timilia or 'Tumminia' wheat is an ancient durum wheat. The organic whole-wheat flour obtained from this wheat is highly reminiscent of coffee and roasted hazelnut aromas, and the flavours and aromas of the field have always characterised it.

Although it contains bran, the most fibrous part of the wheat grain, Timilia is very delicate and is also called 'fake durum wheat'. In fact, in Sicily, in addition to pasta, it is also used to make pizza and bread, precisely because of its characteristic delicacy, despite being a variety of durum wheat .

Timilia wheat is processed by Molini del Ponte in Castelvetrano (Sicily), millers for generations and experts in typical Sicilian wheats. It is one of the mills committed to bringing ancient grains into production at a time when the industry was concentrating more on the high yield of raw materials and neglecting quality.

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