Organic semolina pasta 100% Tuscan wheat

The pasta is produced with semolina obtained from select, 100% Italian wheat, preferably Tuscan, where the most important feature is not the amount of gluten content, but its quality.

Type of grain: Italian durum wheat (Triticum durum)

Wheat kernel: It consists mainly of the endosperm, that is, the greater part of the kernel with the most karyoxide, rich in starch, structured in granules and proteins that give rise to gluten upon mixing.
Compliant with Italian Presidential Decree 187/2001, here is the integrity scale:

  • Ash index: < 0.90 (amount of fibre remaining in the wheat after milling)
  • Maximum humidity: 14.50%
  • Minimum proteins: 10.50

Wheat composition: Multi-varietal 100% organic tuscan wheat
Origin: Tuscany

Four lines of organic pasta

Pastificio Fabbri offers four lines of artisanal organic pasta, of which three are wheat and one is spelt.


Natural drying

The Fabbri method

100% Italian organic ancient grains and delicate, bronze-based pasta making

Our production is characterized by centuries-old knowledge of the product and very slow drying : from 3 to 6 days, as in the early twentieth century. With bronze drawing , a rougher and more porous paste is obtained.