Due to a temporary difficulty in finding Tuscan wheat that meets our quality standards, part of our semolina will be milled in Le Marche. Until further notice, our semolina pasta will be certified 100% Italian, organic and Cappelli wheat.

Organic semi-whole semolina pasta 100% Cappelli wheat

The pasta is made from organic semi-whole semolina known as "semolato". Semi-whole semolina is less refined by milling than semolina, but it nourishes better and in a more complete way thanks to a higher content of fibres, polyphenols, wheat germs and vitamins. The dietary fibres convey a sense of satiety, lowering glycaemia and cholesterol levels in the blood and, finally, they facilitate intestinal transit.

Semi-whole semolina is obtained from an ancient variety of wheat of Tuscan origin, the “Cappelli”, so named in honour of the Abruzzo senator Raffaele Cappelli, promoter of agrarian reform in the early-20th century.

It is characterised by high digestibility, having never been genetically altered by modern agriculture. It has a high content of resistant starches which reach the large intestine unaltered, thus bringing innumerable benefits to our body: from favouring the absorption of mineral salts such as calcium, to the prevention of intestinal diseases.
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