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Fabbri for sports

For many years now we have been collaborating with sports organizations that believe in the quality and benefits of our pasta : first of all its high digestibility.

For over ten years we have been collaborating with international sports organizations who have decided to integrate Pasta Fabbri into their daily diet .

The examples we are most proud of are Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP , LCR Honda and AGIS, the Italian senior golfers association

This was possible thanks to the direct relationship we have established both with their teams and with the athletes themselves, who recognize the nutritional and health-promoting properties of our pasta . We are in contact with the nutritionists of the respective teams interested in the high digestibility of our products to improve the performance of their athletes .

Our optimized digital communication has allowed us to involve the world of sport more, through marketing actions coordinated with their sporting events in which we are protagonists.

Our partners

Our supply chains

A project started over 30 years ago made possible by the collaboration between the Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri and the wheat producers .