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A project started over 30 years ago and made possible by the collaboration between the Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri and the wheat producers.

Thanks to this bond, we give rise to an entire supply chain that guarantees control of the product from start to finish: we follow our pasta-making method and use their wheat, then applying their label.

Ancient grains and natural drying, for a unique product

It all started in the 1990s when many small grocery stores who had been long-time customers of the pasta factory were forced to close due to the expansion of large-scale retail.

To cope with this situation, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural Genetics of the University of Florence, Giovanni Fabbri began creating a supply chain with local farmers, also involving his trusted mills.

At a time when almost no one was interested in ancient wheat, we used only select semolina to make pasta which, combined with our natural drying method, allowed

us to introduce a product with unique organoleptic characteristics and digestibility to the market, in stark contrast to the world of industrial pasta. Over time, Giovanni managed to build dozens of supply chains that are now recognised as being of excellent quality, pioneers in the world of artisan pasta.

We provide these companies with our knowledge of the entire supply chain, from the wheat field to making the pasta: we guarantee pasta production according to the Fabbri Method, using their wheat and their label.

Sports partners

Fabbri for sports

We have been collaborating with international sports teams for years, who have chosen to include Pasta Fabbri in their daily diet.