Artigiano Fabbri pasta factory

Raw ingredients

100% Italian organic wheats, three lines of organic, ancient-wheat pasta and milling at very low temperatures

Organic 100% old Italian wheat

Selected for its nutritional qualities and milled by mills we trust

For 5 generation, the Fabbri method has been a focus on the entire supply chain: from the choice of the best wheat, to delicate pasta-making techniques and drying at natural temperatures. All with the original bronze machinery and dies of the 1950s.

Organic 100% Italian wheat

The pasta is obtained by drawing and drying doughs composed of durum wheat flour (soft wheat is used

for bread and sweets).

Our company uses 100% Italian wheat chosen according to its nutritional properties and the amount and especially quality of its gluten.

The milling

We choose the mills according to their processing method

The milling must be gentle and must not heat the wheat, in

order to maintain the product's organoleptic properties. The semolina obtained will then be turned into pasta and dried at low temperatures, which never exceed 38°C.


100% Italian organic wheats and milling at very low temperature

Thanks to these two elements, our company offer four organic lines of artisanal pasta .

Our artisanal pasta

Four lines of organic pasta

Pastificio Fabbri offers four lines, of which three are wheat and one is spelt