Organic Emmer wheat pasta (Triticum Dicoccum)

Emmer wheat specifically Triticum dicoccum (the name dicoccum derives from the type of caryopsis composed of two grains), is an ancient relative of durum wheat. Its main characteristics are many: from its very high fibre content, to the low presence of gluten compared to durum wheat, which makes it very digestible. But that's not all: mineral salts and other micro elements that are essential for the body, such as methionine, essential amino acids and B vitamins, make it a truly nutritious flour.

Being a very digestible but delicate cereal, its preparation is complex. Therefore, if it is processed at low temperatures, it will not be damaged and will keep its organoleptic properties intact.

When cooked, emmer releases aromas and flavours ranging from hazelnut to chestnut and chocolate. For this reason, it is perfect when served with plain sauces.
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