100% Italian organic ancient wheat

Dal grano alla pasta

The excellence of our raw materials combined with over 130 years of experience , for a pasta of the highest quality.


Natural drying at low temperatures

The Fabbri method

In our pasta factory, we have continued to use the same drying temperatures and times as we did in the early 20th century, a living pasta that smells like wheat.

Pastificio Artigiano Fabbri

Same family,
same square, same pasta

…for 5 generations. Artisan pasta since 1893

We have made our pasta exactly the same way since 1893, without any changes, passing the company down directly from father to son in Piazza Emilio Landi in Strada in Chianti.

The Fabbri method

For five generations now, the Fabbri Method has focused on the entire supply chain.

To the choice of the best wheat, delicate pasta making and drying at natural temperatures. All with the original machinery and bronze dies from the 1950s.

artisanal pasta

100% Italian organic grains and very low temperature grinding , this is how our organic lines of artisanal pasta are born.

Our company uses 100% Italian wheat chosen according to its nutritional properties and the amount and quality of its gluten.

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