How to make pasta salad

Come cucinare un piatto di pasta fredda
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Whether you’re working in the office or enjoying a relaxing day at the beach, a cold pasta salad is the perfect solution for these summer occasions.

In this article, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for how to make pasta salad, using Giovanni Fabbri’s tips.

1.Choose the ideal pasta shape

Choosing the right pasta shape is critical to a successful pasta salad. Opt for short shapes such as dischi volanti, viti piccole or penne, which best mix with the dressing. It’s important to cook the pasta al dente, taking into account that it will continue to cook even after drained.

2.Explore a variety of fresh ingredients

Make the most of the freshness of seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, aubergines, and courgettes. Also add olives and Parmesan shavings to enrich the flavours. Then as always, the secret lies in experimentation: dare to try new combinations and add aromatic herbs such as basil, parsley or mint to add freshness to the dish. Once prepared, put them in the fridge so that they stay cool while you get everything else ready.

3.After cooking

Once the pasta has been cooked, cool it under running water several times, and place it in the refrigerator, leaving it to cool for 30 minutes separately from the other ingredients.

Mix it all together

After waiting the proper amount of time, gently mix everything together.